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Yes go for it, chase your dreams!

Who else is guilty of this? You are not alone, self-doubt and fear - and I might add overthinking are very natural barriers when it comes to creating or going for what we believe in our hearts is our passion! I would like to have a conversation about this. Do you find yourself constantly stuck wallowing in negative thought? How has this impacted you? How did you or can overcome it? If you are still a work in progress like the majority of us should be, what have your learned and what can you share to help the next person? Credit:
molly ho studio
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Lemme See

Just dancing with some hitters. It’s always a pleasure to move alongside @kaelababyyy and @Andrewtmzn - so proud of them! You guys, if any of you want to join in on this class, I teach every Thursday at 6:30pm on IG LIVE and Zoom. Don’t worry about paying anything unless you feel inclined and want to donate. I just want to dance with you!
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Honestly, I lived for both seasons and got more into it as I went. Please, if you haven’t watched POSE on @netflix just yet, get it together will ya? #Repost @poseonfx ・・・ Lock down some new moves for your House. #PoseFX
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Have you got a video project, a concept video, a demo reel of your own creation? Want to get it featured here on the main page of Boogiezone? Post up your clip and give it a try. Boogiezone is about showing support and sharing our art with the world. It’s all about the circle of inspiration. I’m excited to see @robirawks new video that he will be releasing soon, Im already ready to feature it. So excited! Let’s do this! 😍 #Repost @robirawks ・・・ 🌎 W O R L D - P R E M I E R E 🌍 - “ Breathe “ Releasing Friday, July 24th - Proud would be an understatement. My gratitude for all those involved in this film, Knows no bounds. For all those that made this vision become reality. That poured from their hearts, That let their passion set ablaze, That showed up and set their stones, Paving the way for this to be a possibility... I can’t thank you enough. - This is art with purpose. This is art with passion. This is art with raw emotion. There is so much to be done still, But I know feelings last deepest in your memories. Feelings drive action. Feelings create long lasting change. And I hope this film makes you feel.
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Totally taking advantage of The fact that I can post up a video dancing to whatever song I’m dancing to without The fear of it being taken down (at least not yet). Rihanna is another one of those artists I love moving to. This was a “beginning” piece I taught over Zoom to my students at @boogiezoneutopia. I put that in parentheses because it was this night I realized that I should just call the level of this particular class - OPEN cause i basically create on the spot and push myself and the students to just go with whatever flow I’m in! @photomonica @Robin @brndon - right guys? ☝️
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Because thanks to Covid-19 it’s basically time for Halloween. No but really, I was in Las Vegas last week and Vickey told me she could break down Thriller choreography forwards and backwards so I challenged her to teach me! Note: I don’t mind posting this on Boogiezone because it’s totally ok to just be me here. Oh and you can’t post MJ anywhere without violating a copyright law - so here goes nothing. Thanks @Victorianbelle! Filmed by @laluna
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Yep it’s the same video that @laluna posted on her page haha. Happy that I can post up a video dancing to Aaliyah’s music because everywhere else this would get taken down due to copyright. Post up your videos!
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Who is Chloe and Halle?

Thanks to @andrewrincon for introducing me to this dynamic duo. I’m most inspired by they come up, so crazy where they are now. If you have a dream, go for it, anything is possible. Here’s a little snippet from Wikipedia: Chloe x Halle's debut EP, Sugar Symphony, was released April 29, 2016. The EP was accompanied by its singles "Drop" and "Fall". Later in 2016, they made cameo appearances in Beyoncé's Lemonade visual album.[10] They later served as Beyoncé's opening act for the European leg of The Formation World Tour.[11] In the spring of 2017, Chloe x Halle released their critically acclaimed project, The Two of Us, which featured new music mostly written and produced by the duo. The mixtape was featured on Rolling Stone magazine's Best R&B Albums of 2017 list.[12] In December 2017, Chloe x Halle released the theme song for the TV series Grown-ish, entitled "Grown". They were added to the cast as series regulars, after initially signing on for recurring roles.[13] Their song "The Kids Are Alright" was featured in the series debut.[14] On March 23, 2018, the duo released their debut album, The Kids Are Alright.[15] Later, the album and Chloe x Halle were nominated for two Grammy Awards, "Best Urban Contemporary Album" and "Best New Artist", respectively.[16] "Our debut album The Kids Are Alright means so much to us, it's three years of self-discovery, vulnerability, and growth, all put into one album. We've put our hearts and souls into every lyric, every beat, and we cannot wait for the world to hear."[17] On May 31, 2018, it was announced that they would be the opening act for the U.S. leg of Beyonce and Jay-Z's On the Run II Tour, alongside DJ Khaled.[18] In 2019, their cover of The Platters' "Enchanted" was featured in the recap montage of Jesse Pinkman's arc on Breaking Bad to coincide the Netflix film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.[19] Chloe x Halle sang "America the Beautiful" at Wrestlemania XXXIV and Super Bowl LIII.[20] On April 17, 2020, Chloe x Halle and Swae Lee released "Catch Up", a collaboration with Mike Will Made It, alongside a lyric video.[21], and on May 14, 2020, the duo released the single, "Do It"[22] - both in advance of their second album Ungodly Hour[23], released on June 12, 2020.[24][25] The next day, "Forgive Me" was announced as the second single, released along with a video. They released their second studio album Ungodly Hour on June 12, 2020. The album debuted at number 16 on the Billboard 200 chart with 25,000 (5,600 pure) copies sold.
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Last nights class was fun. Shout out to my dance family for reminding me how much dancing with others can be. Really proud of you guys, thanks for being there for me and @boogiezoneutopia - looking forward to creating more moments like this! If you want to learn this, it’s saved on my IGTV! @Alex @Anthony_Tuiaana @zammm
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Alex and Josh Collab!

#Repost @joshbeauchamp ・・・ !!Link below!!! Me and my mentor, my friend, my brotha @alexander.chung are gunna be teaching a lil one two step on Monday. Go register with the link below!!
Online Class - Alexander Chung & Josh Beauchamp
Eventbrite - Alexander Chung and Josh Beauchamp presents Online Class - Alexander Chung & Josh Beauchamp - Monday, July 6, 2020 - Find event and ticket information.
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Educate and inspire. Who else wants to learn more about foundation and history? 🙋🏻‍♂️ If there is anyone here that can expand on this standard Wikipedia entry we would appreciate it. From Wikipedia: The Boogaloo was initially a social dance within the African American community in Chicago that had crossover appeal to white teenagers. Between 1965 and 1966, it was described as "a total new look compared to previous (social) dances...the entire body moved in a pulsating motion from side to side. The rhythmic impulse seemed to have centered in the upper torso, shoulders, and head".[5] The boogaloo dance craze would inspire a number of soul dance records such as "Boo-Ga-Loo" by Robert "Tom" Tharpe and Jerry "Jerrio" Murray, as well as Fantastic Johnny-C's "Boogaloo Down Broadway".[6] Tharpe got the idea of releasing "Boo-Ga-Loo" by seeing local African American teenagers dancing the Boogaloo at a local record hop hosted by the legendary Chicago Radio DJ Herb "Cool Gent" Kent.[5][7] The Boogaloo dance step is also described as a "single-step combination made up of a smooth repetitive side-to-side movement, based on the soul music dance beat on a 4/4 time signature, it consists of lunging motion to the side on the downbeat, held for two counts..accented by a distinct arm swing where the hand is raised up to eye level...then combined with a distinctive backward head-nod to the beat...on the third musical beat, the body and head abruptly shift back and lunge in the opposite direction, before shifting once again on the fourth beat."[8] Repost @boogiefrantick ・・・ Happy Boogaloo Day! #BoogalooDay #boogalooboys #BoogalooGirls #BoogalooGirl #boogalooassassins #boogaloos #boogalooshrimp #boogalootime #boogaloomovement #boogaloomeme #boogalooboi #boogaloo #boogalo #Boog #BOOGALOONATION #BoogalooBoyz #BoogalooBoiz
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WATCH PARTY - @martykudelka

We are super excited about this 🔥 Creative Director & Choreographer Marty Kudelka (@mrkudelka) is hosting a Watch Party with the dancers and choreography team of Justin Timberlake’s 2007 FutureSex/LoveShow concert...only at MÜVE! Join us July 9th at 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT. Grab your seat for only $5 and don’t forget the popcorn 🍿👀 #LinkInBio ** Part of the proceeds will go to a non-profit organization ** #FutureSexLoveShow #MÜVE #MüveTV #Repost @ivankoumaev ・・・
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On Juneteenth, the SoCal dance community came together for a very special moment. A demonstration of solidarity, power, art and of course dance! It was so amazing to be a part of the planning for this project. Thank you @JayChrisMoore for involving the Boogiezone family to contribute. Of course we had to show support for #blacklivesmatter and being able to combine our love and passion for dance x community x CAUSE makes this even more special. Thank you to everyone who is supporting this video right now and sharing it. I can’t wait to see what the other cities do! People it’s not too late to stand up for something, use your dance voice and make a difference. Every little bit helps! It truly does! Let the cycle of inspiration continue - please share this! Big Thanks goes to @jaychrismoore and @themobhq and brothers @arnelcalvario @skyevictoriano and @kyriwilliams_ for the team effort! #community for the win! Repost @jaychrismoore ・・・ I’ve been asked by many people in the community, “How can I help?” “I want to help but I don’t know what to say” and “I want to help but I don’t know what to do” so I had a vision to unite the dance community and come together for a movement bigger than us as individuals. I called on the communities in several states across the USA and I’m overwhelmed with the amount of support I received. This video features some representatives from teams in the LA/OC area and they all took the time to learn these steps and come together to make this video. No rehearsal together at all just meet up at HQ and start. I thank @elmboogie @skyevictoriano @kyriwilliams_ and @arnelcalvario for helping me pull these teams together. As the days go by you will see other communities drop their videos because this movement is spreading. Thank you to all those apart of this video project for standing behind us Black members of the community to show that you stand with us in our fight for equality. . . **PLEASE REPOST THIS SO THE REST OF THE DANCE WORLD CAN UNIFY AS WELL** . . Choreo: @jaychrismoore @elmboogie Shot by: @shootmadonna Location : @themobhq Artist: @childishgambino . . #blacklivesmatter #standtogether #nojusticenopeace #thisisamerica #wejustmobbinlikethat #jaychrismoorechoreography #boogiezoneutopia #boogiezone #elmboogie
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I wish someone would have told me to live my truth when I was younger. No regrets, but I think I could have made an even bigger impact on the world had I not been so afraid to just be myself. Life is too short, live it while you can! #Repost @danceon ・・・ "The power I've gained being in the queer community.. is A VOICE" 🏳️‍🌈🌈❤️ Link to full Dance Doc in bio! Dancers: @mollsgrayy & @jekajane #DanceOnPride #Pride
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Life Hacks

Going to bed with the need (desire) to feel inspired so I went on Pinterest sort of randomly and found these. I was challenged by @robirawks and @ruu to create a morning routine and in the process of that decided to create a “before I go to sleep routine” too! Ending the day by learning something new is a great way to retire don’t you think? Do you have a morning routine? Anyway, check these out..(it’s a photo slider FYI, there are 10 images total), Maybe you can learn something about yourself or life in general if you take a moment! For the full read go to this link:
200+ Best Life Lessons To Prepare You For 2017
Great collection that you shouldn't miss
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Online classes have been cancelled and we are closed to stand in support and show our solidarity towards the injustice our black brothers and sisters face. Please take the time and money you would use towards class at this time to visit the #BLM link in our bio and donate towards the well being of our nation and community.

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